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Flip top cap closing machines are used to close the open flip top of the cap automatically which is in open condition while it is melded. The other methods of closing the flip top caps are either manually or by ‘in mold closing’ (IMC) molds. If done manually, it involves a lot of labour which is un hygienic, in consistent and non-reliable and non-economical if the quantity is very large.

If it is done by IMC for a given size of mold, the no. of cavities that is possible in it is 50% or lesser due to the two line layout of cavities constraint. In other words, if the IMC mold should have the same no. of cavities as that of a normal mold, the size of the mold would be 200% or more big than the normal one, which can be loaded on a very high tonnage machine. More over the cycle time of the process is increased since the closing of the caps is done before ejection which requires some amount of time. Again the IMC mold cost is much more than that of the normal mold. All these above mentioned states that the cost of production increases to a very huge extent along with higher investments and larger payback period.

Here comes the relevance of the automatic flip top cap closing machine which is cost effective, consistent, reliable, hygienic, and non-labour oriented with low investment and very low pay back period.

Speed : 60 to 120 caps per minute.