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Our company is popular in the field of manufacture, supply and export of Capping Machine. These machines are highly developed for plants industries such as water and glass bottles. These machines have best quality and are used in locking the cap of bottles and different applications.

Capping machines – Kenn engineer is one of the best capping machine as a part of the End to End solution for your filling, sealing and labeling requirements. Capping machines are built using state of the art technology.

The machines that we offer do not create noise, while working and are ideal to be used for round, rectangular and most irregular bottles. All our machines do not require changeover of parts and tools, when cap sizes are different. Further, we can also provide custom-built version of these machines to the clients as per their specifications.

Pre-filled bottles/containers are continuously fed from to capping machine through conveyor. The bottles are then slowly fed in to the start wheel. ROPP caps from the orientation unit automatically feeds caps in correct direction before entering into delivery chute. Once the Bottle is positioned below the rotating capping head, out of 4 rollers , two rollers will Skirt, Spins and Seals the cap and and other two roller will provinde threading according to bottle neck diameter. Once the Cap is tightly sealed on the bottle , rotating head will automatically release the bottle and which in turn will come out of the starr wheel and will be assembled on the rotary table OR can be conved to the inspection station Or labeling stating.

Salient Featuress:

  • Single motor synchronies conveyor, star wheels and sealing head.
  • Variable speed drive n request.
  • Integrated control panel for ease of operation.
  • Special guide for small bottles.
  • No bottle no capping mechanism.
  • Sealing pressure can be varied to suit different gauges and sizes of ROPP caps.
  • Damaged cap quantity is reduced by adjusting the gap between upper and lower plate of orientation unit.